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Here are some reasons why links may not work and some recommended solutions:

  • If you are editing the html code, you may have forgotten a quotation mark " or a bracket < >. Check the code to ensure all elements of the tag are included. A correct html link should appear like this:

    Bonadonna, R 2003, '<a target="_blank" href=> Meditation's impact on chronic illness</a>', Holistic Nursing Practice, vol. 17, no. 6, pp. 309-319.

  • Links will not work if there is a space in the html code. Even if you have copied the link from the database linking instruction page, you must ensure that there are no spaces in the link itself.
  • If you have typed the link rather than copied it, there may be a typing error. It is recommended that you copy the link from the database linking instruction page using your computer's copy function rather than transcribing it.

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